The World Transformation Movement



The WTM Sunshine Coast Centre has been established to support Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough insight because everyone has to know about this knowledge, this understanding of our psychology — because once you do your life will never be the same!! We are all so lucky to be alive to experience this incomparable state of joy, zest and drive for life!!

So to commence your investigation of this liberating and all-healing understanding, we encourage you to access all the free material — including essays, videos and books — that is available on the WTM’s website at We especially recommend you watch THE Interview, and Videos 1–16 that appear there.

We also encourage people to subscribe to the WTM’s mailing list. As a subscriber you will be notified of free, interactive, live events with Jeremy and others that are hosted on the WTM’s website and on its Facebook Group, both of which serve as incredibly helpful forums to discuss and learn about how to live with this all-important and immensely relieving knowledge!