The World Transformation Movement



The WTM Sunshine Coast Centre joins Centres all around the world — across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, the USA, South America, India and Africa — that have been established to ensure Jeremy Griffith’s all-important breakthrough understanding of the human condition receives international recognition and support.

The Centre founder, Ales Flisar, was born in Slovenia and raised in the village of Veščica before migrating to Australia’s Sunshine Coast in 2006 when he was 24 years old. He is a devoted father to three daughters, and part of a much-loved extended family.

Ales was a truck driver for 15 years in Europe and Australia, following which he joined the Australian Army as an artilleryman. He now works in a rock-climbing gym. Throughout his life, Ales has been an avid sportsman, skilled in soccer, mountain biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, running, martial arts, cycling — and his passion, rock-climbing.

Ales feels incredibly lucky to have come across Jeremy Griffith’s work, because “to be able to look back at my life in detail and understand why I did the things I did, why others around me were the way they were, and have answers to everything about myself and humankind is the greatest gift I have ever found. This is the only answer. Nothing else works, they are just band-aids, this is the cure.”

Which is why, as mentioned on the homepage, you might have seen Ales driving around the Sunny Coast in his beautiful van that he has decorated with striking WTM graphics and quotes to inspire people to explore Jeremy’s redeeming, reconciling and transforming biological understanding of the human condition!

As Ales said of this bold and inspirational idea: “You don’t hide an illuminating lamp under a bed [these transforming explanations of the human condition], you put it on a pedestal where it belongs…Every time I drive my van, I’m working on saving the world. It’s just a great feeling, sharing the shining bright light of the truth!”

Ales with his three daughters
Ales with his three daughters
Ales' WTM Emblazoned Van with 'All Humans are equally good and wonderful' quote